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Highly welcome news--not least because of the appendix, the polemical aim of which could not please me more. Also in  prospect, apparently: an exploration of philautia in Montaigne, Descartes, and JM. Interterm is going (unexpectedly) to be a feast. Hearty thanks and congratulations to Richard Strier.

>>> richard strier rastrier at uchicago.edu> 1/2/2012 12:03 PM >> ( mailto:rastrier at uchicago.edu )
Dear friends and Miltonists,

I hope it is not inappropriate for me to inform this group that "The Unrepentant 
Renaissance from Petrarch to Shakespeare to Milton" is now out.  It contains an 
expanded and updated version of "Milton against Humility," which it puts in a 
richer Renaissance context (Montaigne and Descartes particularly), and an 
appendix arguing against Stanley F's reading of RCG as having nothing to do with 
reason.  It's available at a discount from Amazon now, but will, I am sure, be 
available at a bigger discount from U of Chicago Press at MLA.
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