[Milton-L] Hughes's annotation to I.709

Colin Thomas Lahive 104035780 at umail.ucc.ie
Mon Aug 27 10:25:43 EDT 2012

I would like to ask the members a question. Merritt Hughes' edition of
Lost* provides the following annotation for the line 'To many a row of
pipes the sound-board breathes' (I 709): 'Pandemonium, like Troy and
Camelot, is built to music' (p. 229).

Does anybody know a source text in which the construction of Camelot is
described in this way? Tennyson's "Gareth and Lynette", from *The Idylls of
the King*, is the only text that I can think of in which Camelot is built
to music, but I am interested in finding a medieval or early modern source
upon which Milton may be drawing.

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