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Dear colleauges, Please pardon me if I am disturbing sleep. Teaching "The Young Goodman Brown" yesterday -- gleefully, too, as I am thrilled to be teaching a fiction course in addition to my Milton seminar (I'll say nothing of comp) -- it was apparent to me that this story is heavily, if not seminally influenced by Milton's corpus.  Not only is this remarkable tale structured by the Orpheus-Euridyce narrative in the spirit of "L'Allegro" and "Il Penseroso," but three other major texts appear: significantly, the Mask; more superficially, Paradise Lost; and most fundamentally, Areopagitica in its epistemology of good and evil, vice and vertue, and the engaged labors of the wayfaring Christian.  (Spenser, FQ I also seems a major influence.) A quick MLA search only yields one article on Milton and "The Young Goodman Brown," plus a handful on other texts.  In particular, the Mask seems to be an influence on Hawthorne, for some reasons that are more or less apparent (pre-romanticist, gothic, ethically focused).  I've listed these citations below.  The scholarship trends older. I'd be grateful for any other suggestions about the extant scholarship.  Perhaps there is or will be room in my schedule to belt out a quick conference paper or teeny tiny article.  Perhaps any divertive work on this would be a waste of my time? Regards, Brendan  --------------------------------------Dr. Brendan M. PrawdzikAssistant ProfessorChristian Brothers University  Paradise Lost and 'Young Goodman Brown' By: Cohen, B. Bernard; Essex Institute Historical Collections, 1958; 94: 282-296. (journal article) Database: MLA International Bibliography 'Stationing' in Paradise Lost and The Scarlet Letter. By: Jacobsen, Eric. pp. 107-22 IN: Seyersted, Brita Americana-Norvegica. Vol. IV:Norwegian Contributions to American Studies Dedicated to Sigmund Skard.. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget; 1973. 441 pp. (book article) Database: MLA International Bibliography The Semiotics of RomanceDetail Only Available By: Donnelly, Colleen Elaine; Dissertation Abstracts International, 1987 June; 47 (12): 4381A-4382A. (dissertation abstract)Subjects: syntax; structure; narration; Milton, John; Hawthorne, Nathaniel; Faulkner, William; semiotic approachDatabase: MLA International Bibliography The Literary Sources of 'My Kinsman, Major Molineux': Shakespeare, Coleridge, Milton.Detail Only Available By: D'Avanzo, Mario L.; Studies in Short Fiction, 1973; 10: 121-36. (journal article) Subjects: 1600-1699; Milton, John; 1800-1899; Coleridge, Samuel TaylorDatabase: MLA International Bibliography Hawthorne's Hive of HoneyDetail Only Available By: Davidson, Frank; Modern Language Notes, 1946 Jan; 61 (1): 14-21. (journal article) Subjects: Shakespeare, William; Milton, JohnDatabase: MLA International Bibliography Image-Making and Image-Breaking: Seeing 'The Minister's Black Veil' through a Miltonic Glass, DarklyDetail Only Available By: Randall, Dale B. J.; Resources for American Literary Study, 1997; 23 (1): 19-27. (journal article) Subjects: Milton, John; EikonoklastesDatabase: MLA International Bibliography Transcending the Myth of the Fall in Hawthorne's 'The May-Pole of Merry Mount'Detail Only Available By: Smith, Gayle L.; ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance, 1983; 29 (2 [111]): 73-80. (journal article) Subjects: fall of man; Garden of Eden; Milton, John; Paradise Lost; Strutt, JosephDatabase: MLA International Bibliography 'By Long Perusal and Deep Love': Miltonic Parallels in Hawthorne's The Marble FaunDetail Only Available By: McColgan, Kristin P.; Tennessee Philological Bulletin: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Tennessee Philological Association, 1989; 26: 20-29. (journal article) Subjects: fall of man; Milton, John; Paradise LostDatabase: MLA International Bibliography Hawthorne's Echoes of Spenser and Milton.Detail Only Available By: Mounts, Charles E.; Nathaniel Hawthorne Journal, 1973; 162-71. (journal article) Subjects: 1600-1699; Milton, JohnDatabase: MLA International Bibliography Hawthorne and Milton: The Second Fall in 'Rappaccini's Daughter'Detail Only Available By: Liebman, Sheldon W.; New England Quarterly: A Historical Review of New England Life and Letters, 1968 Dec; 41 (4): 521-35. (journal article) Subjects: characterization; Milton, John; Paradise LostDatabase: MLA International Bibliography Maidens and Magicians: Milton's 'Comus' and Hawthorne's The House of Seven GablesDetail Only Available By: Jones, Betty H.. Ames: Iowa State Univ.; 1983 Aug.. 14 pp. (book) Subjects: Milton, John; ComusDatabase: MLA International Bibliography Hawthorne's Comus: A Miltonic Source for 'The Maypole of Merry Mount'Detail Only Available By: Liebman, Sheldon W.; Nineteenth-Century Fiction, 1972 Dec; 27 (3): 345-51. (journal article) Subjects: Milton, John; ComusDatabase: MLA International Bibliography_______________________________________________
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