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Dear Milton scholars,
 I'm editing a collection of essays on C. S. Lewis and I have two questions on Patterson's edition of Milton, which I hope you will kindly answer.
1. One of the authors from the collection has quoted a passage from "Of Education" edited by Frank Allen Patterson, to show that generic distinctions were important to Milton. I don't have this edition and would have to make a trip to OU or OSU to check it. If you have this edition at hand, could you please check the spellings in the passage below and let me know?
Here is the passage, quoted by the author:

"that sublime Art which in Aristotles Poetics, in Horace, and the Italian Commentaries of Castelvetro, Tasso, Mazzoni, and others, teaches what the laws are of a true Epic Poem, what of a Dramatic, what of a Lyric, what Decorum is, which is the grand master-piece to observe" will soon make the student "perceive what despicable creatures our common Rimers and Play-writers be, and shew them, what religious, what glorious and magnificent use might be made of Poetry both in divine and humane things" ("Of Education" 286).

2. Are the editors of this edition Frank Allen Patterson, Harry Morgan Ayres, and Allan Abbott?

Thanks so much for your help.


Salwa Khoddam PhD
Professor of English Emerita
Oklahoma City University
skhoddam at cox.net
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