[Milton-L] Queery on Kermode quotaation

John Creaser john.creaser at mansfield.ox.ac.uk
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In 'The Living Milton', Lascelles Abercrombie is quoted on p. 86, and the phrase 'life in a great symbolic attitude' returns to close the essay on p. 123. A great essay on the poem, as I recall.

John Creaser
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Apologies for the size -- this is for Carrol.

Carrol, I didn't find the book that you meant, but I found the same essay in this book:

Shakespeare, Spencer, Donne (Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 1971, 2005)

Frank Kermode

"Adam Unparadised" pp. 260ff

"a man's first glimpse of corruption and mortality, life a great symbolic attitude" (page 265).

It doesn't seem to be a quote. Kermode writes this with respect to Adam. If you click on the web address at the top of this email, you'll get to page 265 of the book that I found (if the link works). If the font is too small, you might be able to increase the size.

Jeffery Hodges

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Subject: [Milton-L] Queery on Kermode quotaation

In his 1960 essay on PL in The Living Milton, Frank Kermode quotes someone,
perhaps last name of Abernathy (?) on epic, something to the effect that an
epic was a poem exhibiting a "great symbolic attitude toward life." (From
memory, perhaps inaccurate)

Now, the book is only a few feet from me on a shelf, but one thing I cannot
do with a book, given the condition of my eyes, is browse through it. I
would like to have either the quotation itself (and source) or the page
number of The Living Milton on which it occurs. Knowing the page, I have
some magnifying equipment which in a clumsy way will let me find it.

Thanks in advance.


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