[Milton-L] Sin & Death as blot

Harold Skulsky hskulsky at smith.edu
Wed Nov 9 16:07:00 EST 2011

"In PL. the character Chaos is there, Satan can see him."
"The vehicle (the symbol, I would say) is concretely there or present in the fiction."
One last try: Chaos is METAPHORICALLY "THERE," in the metaphorical narrative of this analytic interlude in PL, and Satan can METAPHORICALLY SEE HIM. He is not a member of the cast of characters. He is a personification, not a person. Satan has not referred to him in the Parliament that precedes his mention, nor will God in the Parliament that will follow in PL 3.
The term "vehicle" was introduced into semantic analysis by I.A. Richard as the literal component of METAPHOR, corresponding to the "tenor"--the figurative component. If the wheel is not being reinvented here, with proliferation of unneeded entities, if "vehicle" is now being used to denote a component of some other important though hitherto unnoticed semantic function, we are owed an explicit analysis of that function and its components.

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