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So well said. A very very sad day. Achsah

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 5:57 PM, John Leonard <jleonard at uwo.ca> wrote:

>  Marshall did not have a cynical veneer.  He was a skeptic, not a
> cynic, and he had that rarest of distinctions: the ability and *
> willingness* to be skeptical of his skepticism.  He also had a wonderful
> sense of humour, an unerring ability (in print and in person) always to come
> straight to the heart of whatever issue he was discussing (I shall never
> forget his wonderful interjection at one of the NE Milton seminars where we
> were talking about the "puzzle" that Milton expresses "contradictory"
> opinions about women.  Marshall: "I know I can do that.")  Marshall was as
> honest a critic as we have seen or are likely to see.  And he had a good
> heart.  He also had impeccable taste (in literature, criticism, and
> beer).  Milton criticism (and much else besides) will never be the same
> without him.
> John Leonard
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