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John Leonard jleonard at uwo.ca
Tue Mar 29 17:57:31 EDT 2011

Marshall did not have a cynical veneer.  He was a skeptic, not a cynic, and he had that rarest of distinctions: the ability and willingness to be skeptical of his skepticism.  He also had a wonderful sense of humour, an unerring ability (in print and in person) always to come straight to the heart of whatever issue he was discussing (I shall never forget his wonderful interjection at one of the NE Milton seminars where we were talking about the "puzzle" that Milton expresses "contradictory" opinions about women.  Marshall: "I know I can do that.")  Marshall was as honest a critic as we have seen or are likely to see.  And he had a good heart.  He also had impeccable taste (in literature, criticism, and beer).  Milton criticism (and much else besides) will never be the same without him. 

John Leonard
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