[Milton-L] Sonnet for our Friend

Kemmer Anderson kanderso at mccallie.org
Tue Mar 15 13:55:54 EDT 2011

Sonnet Making for John Shawcross

Mentor, Nestor, Chiron: John Shawcross, Friend,

With bibliographical mind stops to

Consider a question to guide us through

That Miltonic labyrinth while we bend

A line beyond intent, meaning to render

Our design to what sound we thought was true.

Through conversation, he pours out what knew:

>From Eden his voice whispers through the wind.

Eyes rest on a copy of Milton’s Prose

Straining to remember questions asked

During a breakfast here in Tennessee.

Those unfinished thoughts will bloom like a rose

Tilled in gardens far from Paradise tasked

With loving labors that set our minds free.


Kemmer Anderson
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