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Fri Mar 11 07:32:29 EST 2011

 Dear Milton list members,
 Reading this message and all the other beautiful words dedicated to
Prof. John Shawcross, I felt like telling my own experience with him,
which was touching and unforgettable. At IMS9, in Grenoble, it was my
first time in an international symposium among Milton scholars. As a
master student, I was freaking out because of my presentation. I had
the honnor of having Prof. Shawcross at my panel and at the end of it
he came to me kindly and said, "good job, girl"! For me, it was just
like hearing divine words of inspiration and encouragement for my
future works on Milton and for my academic career. 
 Sweet thanks, Prof. Shawcross!!!
 Miriam Mansur
 On Sex 11/03/11 00:47 , Byung-Eun Lee bear at hansung.ac.kr sent:
	We, Korean Milton-readers, invited him about 10 years ago to hear
his speech and to see his smiles. It was an international Milton
conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of Milton society of
Korea. We all had a good time then; we enjoyed him much. I personally
had some chances to meet him since then, and his warm welcoming me
always made me feel comfortable in the foreign atmosphere. I'll miss
him a lot. Have a peaceful dream, John!
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