[Milton-L] Tasso, Milton, and James Cameron

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"More lovely than Pandora": PL 4.714.

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> Dear scholars
> many months ago I happened to write in the List that the basic
> structure of James Cameron's movie "Avatar" seemed to have been taken
> from Paradise Lost. And, Milton's long poem was inspired by Tasso's
> "Il Mondo Creato."
> Now, the alien, paradise-like planet in which the sci-fi movie is set
> is called Pandora. And just now, while rereading Il Mondo Creato, I
> noticed this verse, referring to Eden: "Certa, maravigliosa, alma
> Pandora" (7.819), "Firm/reliable, wonderful, life-giving Pandora."
> Taking it for granted that Cameron could not possibly know Tasso's
> poem, it may be interesting to see whether Milton, by following his
> Italian forerunner, in case, employed the myth of Pandora as a
> metaphor for paradise. I honestly cannot remember, or rather, Milton
> _did_ quote Pandora in his description of Eve in Bk 4, but not of
> planet Earth as a whole, in its innocent condition. Or, did he?
> Many thanks.
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