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I discuss the connection of Satan to the Pharisees in the following article:
"The Gospel of John and Paradise Regained: Jesus as "True Light," pp. l42-159,
Milton and the Scriptural Tradition, Ed. James H. Sims and Leland Ryken.
Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1984.
You may find it elsewhere also.
Stella Revard

Quoting "Grewell, Cory L." <CGrewell at thiel.edu>:

> It seems to me that I remember reading criticism somewhere that compares
> Satan's rejection of the authority of the son with the Pharisees rejection of
> Jesus in the gospels.  Does this sound familiar to anyone, and if so, to you
> remember the reference?  If anyone could point me to this source, I'd be
> grateful.  (Otherwise, I'll have to flatter myself that this is an original
> thought, but I very seriously doubt that it is.)
> Thanks,
> Cory
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