[Milton-L] Satan and the Pharisees

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 17:03:53 EDT 2011

>Do you mean that Hitler made this comparison? Or that good ol'
Somebody compared H. to S.?

The former solution, tho' quite jokingly. Hitler and his gang
'thought' (thought!?) that Jesus 'in truth' was an Arian preacher, and
this is why the Jews hated him...

Anyway, it is true that Satan rejected the Son 'as' several Jews did,
but the gospels show that the Pharisees were not Jesus' worst enemies:
some were among his friends. And, all in all, I think that Milton
preferably used the "literary Pharisees" (i.e. not those in the flesh,
but the characters as they were depicted in the New Testament) not so
much a pattern to describe Satan as rather the Catholic Church, or
established religion in general. But, would need to check it more

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