[Milton-L] Nude or Naked?

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 16:12:04 EDT 2011

Jeffery --

Thank you for the correction. Yes, I did mean Clarke.  I don't recall
if Freud was quoted as using that distinction in the article that you
posted to the list (and may have misremembered), but he did use the
word "naked" rather than "nude" in several of the titles of his

Emma --

I hadn't considered possessiveness itself as a part of fallen
sexuality.  I'm not sure what to think of it.  The God of the OT is
certainly possessive of Israel as his bride, but that too is within a
fallen context, and I'm not sure how far that extends to Milton.  DDD
may be instructive.  Interesting question to consider, thank you for
raising it.

Brendan --

Thank you again for the good, close reading of PL.  I tend to read the
longer passage that you quoted in somewhat more practical terms:
Raphael is advising Adam to esteem Eve in order to ensure her
subjection to him, and to consider that she may see things that he
does not.  Milton seems to be attempting to base Eve's subjection to
Adam on something other than inferiority.  But, in the end, in the
worst possible terms, it's one man (angel) telling another how to
handle his woman.  Eve stepping in and speaking up may easily be the
type of intrusion and self-assertion that you register at that point.

I think Milton was a bit of a Pygmalion when it came to his Eve.

Jim R

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