[Milton-L] from unlibidinous to non-jealous

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James Rovira wrote:
"My guess is that the former is focused on the satisfaction of one''s own
appetites, while the latter is focused on one's partner":
An aside:
I guess that the prelapsarian state of man/woman did not only involve sexual
behaviour - it must have been a completely different state of being,
entirely organic as we know all things created in the cosmos to be; e.g.
postlapsarian sex involves jealousy because possession of the other is
involved, which is, one can say,  an evil characteristic and I guess cannot
have been present in prelapsarian sex.

Enna Martina
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> "Sons of God" in the plural is a very common designation for angels in
> the OT, but it's sometimes used to refer to human beings in general
> (at least once in the Psalms), and never (to my knowledge) to both
> human beings and angels as a single group.  I also understood the
> lines in question to mean that since the angels loved without libido,
> they were not jealous, nor did they lust after Eve.
> We can take the inverse of that claim and get a sense of what Milton
> means by "libinidous love" by saying that love with libido is jealous
> and does lust.  Since Milton clearly believed in prelapsarian sex,
> then this sex was with desire uncharacterized by lust, and without
> jealousy.  Understanding the difference between sexual desire with
> lust and sexual desire without it is the key.  My guess is that the
> former is focused on the satisfaction of one's own appetites, while
> the latter is focused on one's partner.
> Jim R
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