[Milton-L] from unlibidinous to non-jealous

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 07:16:04 EDT 2011

"Sons of God" in the plural is a very common designation for angels in
the OT, but it's sometimes used to refer to human beings in general
(at least once in the Psalms), and never (to my knowledge) to both
human beings and angels as a single group.  I also understood the
lines in question to mean that since the angels loved without libido,
they were not jealous, nor did they lust after Eve.

We can take the inverse of that claim and get a sense of what Milton
means by "libinidous love" by saying that love with libido is jealous
and does lust.  Since Milton clearly believed in prelapsarian sex,
then this sex was with desire uncharacterized by lust, and without
jealousy.  Understanding the difference between sexual desire with
lust and sexual desire without it is the key.  My guess is that the
former is focused on the satisfaction of one's own appetites, while
the latter is focused on one's partner.

Jim R

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