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Good point. The angels are also “clad” with their wings and with brightness
(5.277-280, 10.450-51). Michael wears a “military vest” to meet the fallen
Adam (11.241). Besides their adamantine coats, the angels wear innocence as
armor (6.398-402, 542). Prelapsarian Adam and Eve also wear innocence as a
veil, as well as confidence, native righteousness, and honor. After the Fall
they are both covered and exposed by Shame (9.1053-57). Yes, unfallen Adam
and Eve are naked, and at the same time “clad in naked majesty.” On the
third day of Creation “bare Earth” is with “verdure clad” (7.313-315). If
you pardon the paradox, I think Milton invests his unfallen characters and
settings with a modest luxuriance.

Even Milton’s invisible God, when he condescends to make his skirts visible,
“dark with excessive bright,” covers himself in a cloud of glory
(3.375-382). Contrast this with the Son, “without cloud made visible”

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> Are Milton's unfallen angels unclothed? They wear armor, it seems. Do they
> wear
> other garments?
> Jeffery Hodges
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