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Thank you for the consideration you've shown by providing a close
reading of the selection from Bk VIII.  Wonderful to read.

I registered an erotic tinge to the flowers too -- hadn't considered
their responsiveness to Eve to mirror an erection at the time, so
perhaps was thinking more in terms of bodily or visceral or physical,
or just felt, responsiveness.

However, I did not pick up on the word "all" in the passage in
question and agree with you that it's a very important detail.  There
is at least a narrative self-consciousness of Eve being watched
because of her beauty, and your entire discussion of Adam feeling the
lack of Eve was quite well done.

I'm not sure that the reader's eyes see Eve in quite the same way that
Adam's and Raphael's do.  These are two different kinds of seeing.
Adam and Raphael did not have to be told that they were drawn to look
at Eve.  They simply were.  Readers, not actually seeing the scene,
have to be told by the narrator that this is going on, otherwise we
would not know.

Jim R

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 7:14 PM, Brendan Prawdzik
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> James:
> I'd be happy to elaborate my own understanding of the long quotation from
> Book VIII.

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