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Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Jul 24 00:22:09 EDT 2011

What about naked angels?


On 7/20/2011 12:12 PM, Gregory Machacek wrote:
> The article ends with the following witticism: "Casting for Adam and Eve
> wasn’t immediately announced, but one assumes that costumes won’t be a
> problem."
> As I've anticipated this movie, I've thought that it will be precisely Adam
> and Eve's (lack of) costumes that will be the film's biggest problem.  To
> be done properly, the film would need its two leads to be naked, with no
> self-consciousness about the fact, for large stretches of screen time--and
> an audience that can observe such full frontal nudity without leering or
> tittering.  I don't believe it can be pulled off in a Hollywood
> blockbuster.
> Austin-Powers-esque hiding of private parts behind items in the foreground
> will quickly become tiresome.
> Of course, all previous reports about the movie suggest that it focuses on
> the war in Heaven, so the whole "man's first disobedience" plotline will
> probably be reduced to an insignificant appendage.
> Greg Machacek
> Professor of English
> Marist College
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