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I'm forwarding this announcement from Susannah Monta of a new issue of
& Literature*. Some self-interest here, given my editing of the Poetry and
Devotion Forum, but I really want to draw attention to some wonderful pieces
on early modern poetry by Gary Kuchar, Erica Longfellow, and Alison Shell.
The other forum contributors are terrific too, if you want to read outside
the early modern. (Note too other early modern contents, including the
review by Anne Prescott, who's never written anything not worth reading.)


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July 19th, 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

_Religion & Literature_ is very pleased to announce the publication of our
newest issue, 42.3, which features wide-ranging articles on topics as
diverse as early modern dramatic performance and post-Holocaust poetry, a
rich forum edited by Hannibal Hamlin on the subject of "Poetry and
Devotion," and a collection of book reviews.

Articles in this issue include:
•       Glenn Clark, “Zeal or Vengeance?: Ministerial Emotion, Performance,
and Pastoral Figures in Marston and Shakespeare”
•       Wesley Kort, “Between Conrad’s London and Sacred Space”
•       James Matthew Wilson, “Style and Substance: T. S. Eliot, Jacques
Maritain, and Neo-Thomism”
•       Karl Plank, “Why Dead Men Don’t Praise God: A Post-Holocaust
Reckoning in the Poetry of Glatstein and Osherow”
•       Peter Matthews Wright, “After Smith: Romancing the Text When ‘Maps
Are All We Possess’”

The Featured Forum, edited by Hannibal Hamlin: “Poetry and Devotion”
•       Introduction: Hannibal Hamlin, “Poetry and Devotion”
•       Gary Kuchar, “Prayer Terminable and Interminable: George Herbert and
the Art of Estrangement”
•       Carl Phillips, “As for a Poetry of Devotion”
•       Peter S. Hawkins, “Dante’s _Poema Sacro_: No Either/Or”
•       Andrew Hudgins, “Some Paradoxes of Religious Poetry”
•       Manijeh Mannani, “The Metaphysics of the Heart in the Sufi Poetry of
•       Alicia Ostriker, “Without Commandments: One Poet’s Quest for the
•       Catherine L. Phillips, “Poetry and Prayer in the Work of Gerard
Manley Hopkins”
•       Roger Ferlo, “Curing the Ground”
•       Erica Longfellow, “Poetry, the Self, and Prayer”
•       Alison Shell, “Hymns and Prosopopoeia: Samuel Crossman’s ‘My Song is
Love Unknown’”
•       John Felstiner, “‘Apostate Only am I True’: Paul Celan’s Poetry and
his Devotion”

Book Reviews in this Issue:
•       Kevin Kalish on Frances Young, Lewis Ayres, and Andrew Louth’s
(eds.) _The Cambridge History of Early Christian Literature
•       Barbara Newman on Christine F. Cooper-Rompato’s _The Gift of
Tongues: Women’s Xenoglossia in the Later Middle Ages
•       Genelle Gertz on Kathryn Kerby Fulton’s (ed.) _Women and the Divine
in Literature before 1700: Essays in Memory of Margot Louis
•       Anne Lake Prescott on Gregory Kneidel’s _Rethinking the Turn to
Religion in Early Modern English Literature: The Poetics of All Believers
•       Daniel Novak on Heidi Kaufman’s _English Origins, Jewish Discourse,
and the Nineteenth-Century British Novel: Reflections on a Nested Nation
•       Henry McDonald on Donald R. Wehrs and David P. Haney’s (eds.)
_Levinas and Nineteenth-Century Literature: Ethics and Otherness from
Romanticism through Realism_
•       Thomas Marullo on Alexander Boot’s _God and Man According to
•       L. Lamar Nisly on Douglas Alan Walrath’s _Displacing the Divine: The
Minister in the Mirror of American Fiction
•       Leslie Wingard on Qiana J. Whitted’s _“A God of Justice?”: The
Problem of Evil in Twentieth-Century Black Literature
•       Andrew Hoogheem on Virgil Nemoianu’s _Postmodernism and Cultural
Identities: Conflicts and Coexistence
•       David Jasper on John C. Waldmeir’s _Cathedrals of Bone: The Role of
the Body in Contemporary Catholic Literature
•       Bradley Pickens on David Jasper’s _The Sacred Body: Asceticism in
Religion, Literature, Art, and Culture_

We hope that you will join us in welcoming this most recent issue of
_Religion & Literature_, now available in print. To purchase, please send an
e-mail to the managing editor of _Religion & Literature_ at randl at nd.edu.
For more information, visit our website at http://religionandlit.nd.edu.


Editor Susannah Monta
and the staff of _Religion & Literature_

Katy Wright-Bushman
Managing Editor
Religion & Literature

Hannibal Hamlin
Associate Professor of English
Editor, *Reformation*
Co-curator, *Manifold Greatness: The Creation and Afterlife of the King
James Bible*
The Ohio State University
164 West 17th Ave., 421 Denney Hall
Columbus, OH 43210-1340
hamlin.22 at osu.edu/
hamlin.hannibal at gmail.com
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