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Thu Jul 21 09:29:05 EDT 2011

If, as the report says, the movie adaptation is going to be
"special-effect-heavy", I think nudity or, for that matter, sex scenes will
not bother filmmakers much. Sure, they will probably put in a steamy
postlapsarian sex scene between Adam and Eve lasting at least five minutes
(after all, they could not resist it in the adaptation of Frazier's Cold
Mountain, could they?), but other than that, I'm  afraid, it's going to be
about angels metamorphing (hopefully quite unlike Transformers) into
different (and proper????) shapes, hurling mountains, outdenting their
dented armors, clashing, warring, inventing guns and searching the
perimeters of bogs, dens, caves, rocks in transpicuous gloom of Hell
reminiscent of Harry Potters last three movie installments. Oh, and my
favorite, the scene of Satan meeting Sin and Death (definitely a
special-effect-material!). Not to mention the Merkabah!

I am curious though, if they are going to preserve any, if all, of the
language. like, how are they going to talk, both angels and Adam & Eve?
Somehow I have the feeling that the line "better to reign in Hell then serve
in Heav'n" is going to be there verbatim, rather than, let's say, Raphael's
greeting of Eve ("Haile Mother of Mankind, whose fruitful Womb / Shall fill
the World more numerous with thy Sons..")

Any dates on the release?


Larisa Kocic-Zambo

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