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James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 13:27:16 EDT 2011

You might be surprised.  I was a performance of Salome in Orlando in
which the audience started to laugh (very slightly) at Salome's
repeated attempts to seduce John the Baptist, and seemed unphased and
unshocked by her nudity in one scene.  Undoubtedly the whole scene was
very shocking in the early 20th century, but not so much nearly one
hundred years later.

Might also want to consider the effect Kubrick created in Eyes Wide
Shut, which tended more toward the poles of familiarity or fear and
repulsion than eroticism.

I think audiences pick up on the characters' attitudes toward their
own nudity rather than the nudity itself, attitudes which are
reinforced by lighting, camera angles, plot, and character
development.  I suspect actors who are unselfconscious and comfortable
-- basically acting as if dressed in nice, everyday clothes -- can
create the desired effect, which is that no one thinks much about
their nudity after about five minutes.

If the filmmakers can achieve that effect, the feeling of shame and
self-consciousness after the fall will pose a remarkable contrast.  A
scene like this might be instructive in the values of modesty and
propriety to audiences made up of at least some people who have lost
sense of them both.

I agree that sustained Austin-Powers camera angles can be tiresome.
Or comic, per The Simpsons movie.

And then again, James Watt's answer is probably the best one.

Jim R

> As I've anticipated this movie, I've thought that it will be precisely Adam
> and Eve's (lack of) costumes that will be the film's biggest problem.  To
> be done properly, the film would need its two leads to be naked, with no
> self-consciousness about the fact, for large stretches of screen time--and
> an audience that can observe such full frontal nudity without leering or
> tittering.  I don't believe it can be pulled off in a Hollywood
> blockbuster.
> Austin-Powers-esque hiding of private parts behind items in the foreground
> will quickly become tiresome.

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