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Remember: its a movie. The rules of that genre are so flexible the matter
of Adam & Eve's costumes (or lack of same) will be treated in the same way
Dr. Zhivago's love life was managed in the movie of the same name, ie. so
as to bear no resemblance whatsoever to the character's representation in
the novel. Likewise with the filming (laughable concept) of The Castle by
Franz Kafka. They're just borrowing the poem's title; I doubt if Milton's name
will appear anywhere in the credits.

Jim Watt
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The article ends with the following witticism: "Casting for Adam and Eve
wasn’t immediately announced, but one assumes that costumes won’t be a

As I've anticipated this movie, I've thought that it will be precisely Adam
and Eve's (lack of) costumes that will be the film's biggest problem.  To
be done properly, the film would need its two leads to be naked, with no
self-consciousness about the fact, for large stretches of screen time--and
an audience that can observe such full frontal nudity without leering or
tittering.  I don't believe it can be pulled off in a Hollywood

Austin-Powers-esque hiding of private parts behind items in the foreground
will quickly become tiresome.

Of course, all previous reports about the movie suggest that it focuses on
the war in Heaven, so the whole "man's first disobedience" plotline will
probably be reduced to an insignificant appendage.

Greg Machacek
Professor of English
Marist College

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