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David Urban dvu2 at
Thu Jul 14 12:03:34 EDT 2011

Dear Milton Colleagues, 

I have an article in the *Appositions* volume that Scott Howard just posted
on.  My essay discusses the state of Milton bibliography and offers a
collaborative vision for moving forward in the future. 


(My ideas about moving forward through collaborative efforts are specifically
in paragraphs 16 onward.) 

I would deeply appreciate any comments you have on my ideas, whether you post
them on Milton-L or on the *Appositions* site after my article, or if you'd
send them to me personally at dvu2 at 

Many thanks, 


David Urban, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Calvin College
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Grand Rapids, MI 49546
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>>> Scott Howard <Scott.Howard at> 7/14/2011 10:21 AM >>>

We are pleased to announce the publication of:



James P. Ascher
University of Colorado at Boulder
The <>
Moote be
Cosyn to the
Dede: Diplomatic Transcription and Shifting Senses of Exactness Toward the
Ecosystem of Digital

Sarah Barber
Lancaster University
and the Survival of Documents: the records of seventeenth-century

Sheila T. Cavanagh
Emory University
How Does Your Archive Grow?: Academic Politics & Economics in the Digital

Shelly Jansen
SUNY Binghamton
Woman or Heroine: Explications of
Kierkegaardian Heroism in Euripides’s
Hippolytus and Racine’s

W. Webster Newbold
Ball State University
Rhetoric, Fiction, and the Appetite for Model Letters in Renaissance England

David V. Urban
Calvin College
Confessions of a Milton Bibliographer: Reflections on the Past, Ruminations on
the Present, and Hopes for the Future of Milton


Anne Greenfield
Valdosta State University
Review of: Randall Martin, Women, Murder, and Equity in Early Modern England. 
Routledge (New York, 2008), 288 pp. + xii.  ISBN (10): 0-415-96115-7.  ISBN
(13): 978-0-415-96115-8.  $125.00


In our opinion, we have assembled a robust gathering of works that all strike
a vital balance between traditional and innovative concerns in the field.  The
content speaks/reads for itself, but, of course, we also welcome your

Appositions is designed for commentary and open-access.  You may post your
questions and comments via the “post a comment” link at the bottom of each
document page.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and that you’ll share Appositions with your
colleagues, friends, and students.

—The Editors

APPOSITIONS is an electronic, international, peer-reviewed, MLA-indexed,
EBSCO-distributed journal for studies in Renaissance/early modern literature &
culture. APPOSITIONS is registered under a Creative Commons 3.0 License.
Manuscripts accepted for editorial review: October thru April. APPOSITIONS is
an open-access, independently managed journal. ISSN: 1946-1992.

APPOSITIONS: Studies in Renaissance / Early Modern Literature & Culture,, ISSN: 1946-1992, Volume Four (2011): Texts &


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