[Milton-L] CFP: The Historical Contexts of Literary Theory

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 16:05:05 EDT 2011

CFP: Edited anthology, The Historical Contexts of Literary Theory

We are seeking essays about major figures of the nineteenth and
twentieth centuries important to literary theory for the edited
anthology _The Historical Contexts of Literary Theory_.  Extending the
work of Peter C. Herman’s _Historicizing Theory_ (SUNY Press, 2004),
this volume seeks to contextualize the works of prominent
philosophers, psychologists, social scientists, and literary theorists
who have made significant contributions to the rise and development of
literary theory within these authors’ biographical, cultural,
intellectual, and socio-political history.  Each contribution should
include a brief overview of the major works and ideas of each author,
how those ideas developed over time and have been employed by literary
theory, an overview of the author’s biographical, cultural,
intellectual, and socio-political history, and then a reading of the
author’s ideas as a response to this history.  We do not seek essays
that either ignore history or reduce an author’s work to its
historical context: we seek essays that approach an author’s work as
an engagement with and response to that history.  We seek essays on
figures from Marx and Freud to the present but are open to proposals
on earlier figures.

Brief CVs and 500 word abstracts should be emailed in Word or .rtf
format to jamesrovira at gmail.com by November 1st, 2011.

James Rovira, Tiffin University
Sherry Truffin, Campbell University

PS If you are a Restoration/18thC scholar and are interested in being
a co-editor for this project, please email James Rovira at
jamesrovira at gmail.com.

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