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I like these Miltonic haikus!
Re your statement about comparing the sinners c.3 in the Inferno and 
Milton's depiction of Satan, I believe Satan is more of a hard core 
revolutionary and God's Justice does not extend to him because he's so 
obdurate. In the Inferno the sinners are driven by God's Justice in a 
systematic paradigm of hell where God has the final say, building hell as he 
wanted to, and judging the sinners (through Minos) as he wanted to, where 
Lucifer is finally captured in frozen ice.  No explanation of what Lucifer 
did on earth and how he got in Hell, because Dante is not concerned about 
the origin of evil, but with its consequences on individual souls and 
nations.  But for the Reformer Milton, Satan is too fierce and must fall and 
wander over the earth and continue falling by his own free will.  Of couirse 
he is the FATHER of Dante's sinners, the anti-type of evil, more dangerous 
and frightful--two different mythopoeic pictures of Hell and Satan, one 
Catholic and one Miltonic.
But you know all these things.....

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> >Resentment is certainly the efficient cause for Satan's rebellion, his 
> >harping on "injur'd merit," and so on.  (...) what drives sinners to 
> >continue in the wrong path is "despair,"
> injured merit burns
> but sweet by your side the one
> you loved, tho' how changed
> with deep despair - with
> deep despair vaunting aloud -
> O hooligan Prince
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