[Milton-L] Satan and Resentment

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I think you'd enjoy Ronald Johnson's "Radi Os"
There is a 2005 reprint available at Amazon:

Product DescriptionFirst published in 1977, Ronald Johnson's Radi os revises the first four books of Paradise Lost by excising words, discovering a modern and visionary poem within the seventeenth-century text. As the author explains, "To etch is 'to cut away,' and each page, as in Blake's concept of a book, is a single picture." With God and Satan crossed out, Radi os reduces Milton's Baroque poem to elemental forces. In this retelling of the Fall, song precipitates from chaos, sight from fire: "in the shape / as of / above the / rose / through / rose / rising / the radiant sun."

>From the PublisherIn his afterword, Guy Davenport comments: "Radi os is a meditation, first of all, on grace. It finds in Milton's poems those clusters of words which were originally a molecular intuition of the complex harmony of nature whereby eyesight loops back to its source in the sun, the earth, the tree, our cousin animals, the spiralling galaxies, and mysteriously to the inhuman black of empty space."

               No Lances, Swords, nor Bombards they had then,                Or other Weapons now in vse with men;                None of the least materiall substance made,                Spirits by such giue no offence or aid.                Onely spirituall Armes to them were lent, A             nd these were call'd Affection and Consent. N             ow both of these, in Lucifer the Diuell A             nd his Complyes, immoderate were, and euill. T             hose that in Michael the Arch-Ange'll raign'd, A             nd his good Spirits, meekely were maintain'd, Squar'd   and directed by th' Almighties will              (The Rule by which they fight, and conquer still.)L             ucifer, charg'd with insolence and spleene;               When nothing but Humilitie was seene,               And Reuerence towards God, in Michaels brest,               By which the mighty Dragon he supprest.

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> >Resentment is certainly the efficient cause for Satan's rebellion, his harping on "injur'd merit," and so on.  (...) what drives sinners to continue in the wrong path is "despair,"
> injured merit burns
> but sweet by your side the one
> you loved, tho' how changed
> with deep despair - with
> deep despair vaunting aloud -
> O hooligan Prince
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