[Milton-L] 1621 Folio of Joshua Sylvester's Works posted online

John Geraghty johnegeraghty at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 26 10:25:20 EST 2011

I have posted a copy of the 1621 folio of Joshua Sylvester's Works. 
It is a monster 1200 pages with beautiful engravings etc.
I do not think there is another one on the web, but let me know.
Feel free to copy\distribute images for any non-commercial purpose.

Du Bartas his diuine Weekes and Workes with a compleate Collection of all the other most delightfull Workes

Title Page

First Day:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=17

Second Day:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=26
Third Day:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=40
FOVRTH Day:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=53
Fift Day:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=62
Sixt Day:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=74
Seventh Day:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=74

First Day (ADAM):http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=100

The Impostvre The II Part of the First Day of the II Week:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=110

The Fvries The Third Part of the First Day of the II. Week:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=110
The The Handy-Crafts The III Part of the First Day of the II. Week:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=126
Noah The second Day of the Second Week:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?album=47&pos=135

An inchoatedly inchoherent SATAN and cohorts falling through Chaos:
   TA   A  NS          till urges,

   S A    R  TS...       fiery Deluge

T he dismal Situation waste and wilde,A  Dungeon horrible, on all sides roundA  s one great Furnace flam'd, yet from those flamesN  o light, but rather darkness visible
S  erv'd onely to discover sights of woe,R  egions of sorrow, doleful shades, where peaceA  nd rest can never dwell, hope never comesT  hat comes to all; but torture without endS  till urges, and a fiery Deluge, fed

> >>> Nancy Charlton <ncharlton2009 at hotmail.com> 05/16/09 1:19 AM >>>> > I wanted to see whether any of the Divine Weeks is online, and there are some snips at RPO. I also found that there is one copy of an edition circa 1850 available from Amazon for $237 and change.> > Do you have a better source? My search was so cursory as to be superficial.> > Nancy Charlton

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