[Milton-L] Photographer Vivian Maier, a Developing Mystery

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This has nothing to do with Milton, so I apologize, but it does raise questions 
about epic undertakings, the nature of greatness, and the meaning of a life. 
It's the story of a nanny who worked in Chicago and took more than 100,000 
photographs over the course of her life. Here's what Jeff Goldstein has to say 
at his website dedicated to her artistic work:
Driven by her sequestered, private motivations, Vivian Maier captured our 
cities, suburbs and rural towns. A nanny for many years, herself childless, 
Maier revealed the beauties and complexities of domesticity. Her photographs 
demonstrate an intimate exploration of family life, as well as seemingly 
allegorical treatments of "home" -- a space sometimes idyllic and whole, and 
sometimes troubled -- as in her photographs of homes destroyed by tornadoes or 
street riots. In this present collection, we witness her sophisticated, 
expansive approach to setting and subject matter both intimate and grand. The 
photographic subjects range from Salvador Dali to Nixon; from poignant 
self-portraits to photos of the unnamed on the street. She documented the 
exhilaration of Macy's parades, along with the quiet of cemeteries, scenes of 
road kill, the life of flowers and her worldwide travels. In addition to Europe 
and the United States, those travels included places as diverse as Egypt, 
Malaysia, the Philippines and more.
Mr. Goldstein has over 12,000 of Ms. Maier's negatives, but John Maloof has more 
than 100,000:
I, of course, blogged about her, for whatever that might be worth:

Again, apologies for this extraneous post, but perhaps some individuals will 
find the material interesting.
Jeffery Hodges
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