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See also the Letter to a Friend of 1633 in which Milton mentions his "vehement love of the beautiful."

See also discussions of style in APOLOGY, e.g.,

"For doubtlesse that indeed according to art is most eloquent, which returnes and approaches neerest to nature from whence it came; and they expresse nature best, who in their lives least wander from her safe leading, which may be call'd regenerate reason" (YP I:874).

"And that whose mind so ever is fully possest with a fervent desire to know good things, and with the dearest charity to infuse the knowledge of them into others, when such a man would speak, his words (by what I can expresse) like so many nimble and airy servitors trip about him at command, and in well order'd files, as he would wish, fall aptly into their own places" (YP I:949).

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