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 Miltonic Esthetics: Hints on Where to Look and How
(1) Does M prefer French horticulture, or English, and why?         
(2) Does M prefer chiaro or chiaroscuro, and why? 
(3) Among the musical modes, which does M favor, and by what criteria? 
(4) What and where are M's (implicit) views on architectural history and geography? Is M a Vitruvius man? Is M a Pliny Sr. man? 
(5) Is M a Longinus man or an Aristotle man, or both, and why? 
(6) Does M take sides in the gillyvor debate, and on what grounds? Does he indicate a familiarity with it? (7) Was there, by M's guess, an aesthetic ante lapsum? Irretrievable (salvo decoro) POST lapsum? Partly retrievable?
(8) Does the world system (Galilean or Keplerian) exhibit an aesthetic in M's view? 
(9) On the general theory of the thing, is Kant useful here despite the lateness? Is Burke? 
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