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Journal THE PROBLEMS OF LITERARY GENRES (Zagadnienia Rodzajow Literackich)

Volume 54 (2011), 107-108 


The Problems of Literary Genres  is a refereed academic journal edited at the University of Lodz, Poland devoted to the study not only of literary genres, but also to comparative literature, and to literary theory and cultural studies. The Journal publishes annually articles and reviews as well as conference reports from all over the world in English, Polish, Russian, French, German and Spanish. A special place is reserved for materials to “The Companion of the Literary Genres” published already in Polish last year. The Journal has been existing since 1958. Its volumes are widely distributed and available in many good libraries. The journal invites contributions from a wide community of researchers.
Authors are welcome to submit an electronic version formatted in Rich Text Format with up to 300-word abstract (total word count of approximately 6000). Then authors might me asked for a paper version.
We are waiting for critical, original and innovative submissions written from any theoretical angle not later than

March  31, 2011

Please send electronically the abstract to Prof. Jaroslaw Pluciennik, Editor-in-Chief (jarrek at uni.lodz.pl)

Footnotes are to be used for further explanations as well as for bibliographical details
placed at the bottom of the page. Footnote numbers should be placed after punctuation marks.
While writing papers, please, follow instructions in MHRA Style Guide available:

Prof. Jaroslaw Pluciennik, PhD
Full Professor of the Humanities
Director of Doctoral Studies
at the Faculty of Philology
University of Lodz
ul. Franciszkanska 1/5
91-431 Lodz, Poland
tel. +48 42 6655133 fax +48 42 6655132

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