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Dear Tony,

Outside of purely Milton Studies, my votes for essential reading are as follows
• Umberto Eco’s /History of Beauty/ (Rizzoli; Reprint edition 2010)
• Elaine Scarry’s /On Beauty and Being Just/ (Princeton UP, 2001)

Best of luck.

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Dear All-

First, Happy New Year to all; second, a problem: I have a student completing her senior thesis on PL, and she is gravitating
to the idea that beauty- physical and aesthetic- is the reason for the Fall. She argues that Eve's beauty is responsible for Satan's
focus upon her as target #1, and that it is also responsible for Adam's fear of immortality without her. Although my student is in the birthing throes of her thesis,
I find the subject provocative and worthy of further inquiry. I have put a reading list together (including texts from our list members), but I would also appreciate
any directions you may have.
Our college is small and I (a medievalist) have been teaching Milton for the past seven years- and that after a hiatus of 39 years as a public school administrator- so
my "scholarship" is quite pedestrian. So, that confession made, I would appreciate any assistance.
Thanking you in advance,


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