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Dear All-
First, Happy New Year to all; second, a problem: I have a student completing her senior thesis on PL, and she is gravitatingto the idea that beauty- physical and aesthetic- is the reason for the Fall. She argues that Eve's beauty is responsible for Satan'sfocus upon her as target #1, and that it is also responsible for Adam's fear of immortality without her. Although my student is in the birthing throes of her thesis,I find the subject provocative and worthy of further inquiry. I have put a reading list together (including texts from our list members), but I would also appreciate any directions you may have. Our college is small and I (a medievalist) have been teaching Milton for the past seven years- and that after a hiatus of 39 years as a public school administrator- so my "scholarship" is quite pedestrian. So, that confession made, I would appreciate any assistance.Thanking you in advance,
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