[Milton-L] "Miston" in 3-D?

Nancy Charlton nbcharlton at comcast.net
Sat Feb 26 15:10:23 EST 2011

I have an alert set on my NY Times online subscription for "John 
Milton."  Today I received such an alert, for a review of a new 
film of the type to which I ordinarily wouldn't give the time of 
day:  "Drive Crazy," starring Nicholas Cage.

Cage plays a "grandfather from hell" named John Milton,"a sop to 
the English literature grad students who are sure to flock to 
this movie," which features a chase by a "hellish accountant," "a 
lot of action, some of it pretty inspired." Read the amazing 
conclusion for yourself:  

Graduate students flocking to this?  Well, I remember when 
Women's Day etc were my own salvation from the 17th century!

Nancy Charlton

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