[Milton-L] "As by his Word . . ."

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 15:57:47 EST 2011

In my *rumble* opinion, Milton himself presented different views about
the Son, as well as any other personage.

The main characters in PL show up and then develop in different
directions, until... they disappear. After the original sin, the Son
reports to the Father, then "exits". Satan exits after his
parody-metamorphosis in hell. Michael will be the last one talking to
Adam, then he will bid him farewell. The very paradise (against what
is written in the Divine Comedy as well as in Ariosto's and Tasso's
long poems, all being sources to Milton) will be destroyed by the
Flood. "Paradise Lost" proving a literal statement. And, a promise?
Only Adam and Eve will be left, taking "their solitary way".

Sure, the Son is described, shown indeed, as the future Savior in PL
11-12. But, from this standpoint, the problem with Him is different...
or is it just a different side of the same problem? i.e. Milton nearly
omits to mention the cross. According to St. Paul, that would mean to
simply delete Christ.

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