[Milton-L] Mitonoclasts vs Miltonolatres

Harold Skulsky hskulsky at smith.edu
Sun Feb 13 15:17:49 EST 2011

"Miltonolater" is a barbarism (that is, a modern hybrid coinage, no doubt by an affected  pedant of questionable wit or even more questionable hellenicity) combining a non-Gk name and the classical Gk "latris" meaning (in this context) "worshiper," on the analogy of "idolater" (Gk. "eidololatres"). 
"Miltonoclast" is a parallel formation combining the same non-Gk name with Gk. "klastes" meaning "breaker," on the analogy of "iconoclast," a Patristic Gk. term meaning "one who shatters [devotional] images."
The conceit is that a person who meets the former description treats Milton virtually as an object of heathen worship -- less as a god than as the graven image of one; whereas a person who meets the latter description makes it her business to treat Milton as the imperfect being he was. 
For what it's worth, this writer's humble advice about the underlying controversy is to beware of false choices.
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