[Milton-L] Signing off the List… many Thanks to ALL!

Terrance Lindall tlindall at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 11:44:25 EST 2011

Dear Milton Listers:

I will now be dropping off the list.

I have enjoyed the list over the past few years. I felt it was necessary
thing to be on it in order to reengage with Milton’s ideas after leaving the
subject since the mid 1980’s. Getting back into it was necessary to produce
the Grand Paradise Lost Exposition and complete the last couple of
paintings. Now I am moving on to new ideas. So, I thank you ALL from the
bottom of my heart in your allowing me to be on this wonderful list and
putting up with me! Thank you  Creamer & Flanagan for creating it.

There have been many interesting discussions through which I have gained
some new insights. One of the best moments was discovering Dario, the
conceptual PL illustrator, who is doing fantastic work. I look forward to
his illustrated book. The other great moment was when Professor Roy C. Flanagan
came up with the idea of the mirror, which concept I incorporated into the
Hell scene in my PL Altarpiece.

So farewell. No need to respond to this since I will be immediately signing

Highest Regards to* All!*
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