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What has happened to this list?  Serious scholarly conversation about Milton's 
writings seems to have disappeared from it.

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>   Merry England
>   Hops and Turkeys,
>   Carps and Beer,
>   came into England,
>   All in a year.
>   And Milton scholars,
>   In heaps they run,
>   undoing each other,
>   one by one.
>   Speaking of beer and turkeys, you are all invited to
>   our annual "Artists Pot Luck Dinner," celebrating
>   the closing day of our great Salon! I think you will
>   find meeting mature professional artists enjoyable.
>   This group is well educated, intellectually astute
>   and a very congenial group. 
>   See the opening reception and performance on Youtube
>   here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBjQj8PLFDc
>    A video of the  reception was aired by MR.
>   Gulfram of PAKISTAN EXPRESS TV thanks to Salon
>   member Tasneem Shahzad
>   An article by Czeslaw Karkowcki appeared in The
>   Polish Daily News thanks to Polish Salon artist
>   Basha Maryanska & her husband
>    Marek Bienkowski (see below)
>   An article by Kaoru Komi appeared in the Japanese
>   Newspaper The New York Seikatsu Press (see below) 
>   Another separate article appeared in the same issue
>   written by Kaoru Komi about Yuko Nii and WAH Center
>   click here:
>    Recent News Articles
>   The WAH Salon is ending it's childhood at 12 years
>   old, heading to Teenager next year! 
>   No wonder the artists are becoming matured!!
>   SO LET'S CELEBRATE the End of the Childhood on Feb.
>   13, 2011
>   We celebrate our successful Salon show with our
>    traditional events as follows:
>   1) 4 pm - Poetry Reading by Steven David  - 2nd
>   floor Main Gallery. During the last several years
>   Steven David has delighted us with his insightful
>   poetry readings about selected artworks from the
>   exhibitions.
>   2) 7 pm - Pot Luck Buffet Dinner  with a Musical
>   Entertainment - 1st floor Reception Hall: 
>   "A Star of the Evening" - Solo vocalist/guitar by
>   Gabrielle. Gabrielle is a wife of one of the Salon
>   members, who is going to enchant us with her
>   beautiful voice and guitar in the evening. It will
>   be a great memory for all of us to take home!!
>   Important:  We welcome our guests who do not bring
>   a dish, but we have to ask of them a $15 donation.
>   Pot Luck Dinner Rules:
>   1) Please bring a dish of your choice that will be
>   ample enough to feed 6 or more people.
>   2) If you are not able to bring a dish there will be
>   a donation of $15 per member. 
>   3) We encourage everyone to invite their family
>   members and friends. And the public at large is
>   welcome! There is a $15 donation for all guests who
>   do not bring a dish.
>   "A Star of the Evening" -Musical entertainment by
>   Gabrille,  a Solo Vocalist with guitar
>   "Gabrielle’s songs reflect her earthy ethereal
>   voice and her individuality. Her CD “WIDE”
>   elicited comparisons to Peter Gabriel & Joni
>   Mitchell drawing comment for its deep emotional
>   authenticity."
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