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Merry England

Hops and Turkeys,
Carps and Beer,
came into England,
All in a year.

And Milton scholars,
In heaps they run,
undoing each other,
one by one.

Speaking of beer and turkeys, you are all invited to our annual "Artists Pot
Luck Dinner," celebrating the closing day of our great Salon! I think you
will find meeting mature professional artists enjoyable. This group is well
educated, intellectually astute and a very congenial group.

See the opening reception and performance on Youtube here:


 A video of the  reception was aired by MR. Gulfram of PAKISTAN EXPRESS TV
thanks to Salon member Tasneem Shahzad

An article by Czeslaw Karkowcki appeared in The Polish Daily News thanks to
Polish Salon artist Basha Maryanska & her husband
 Marek Bienkowski (see below)

An article by Kaoru Komi appeared in the Japanese Newspaper The New York
Seikatsu Press (see below)

Another separate article appeared in the same issue written by Kaoru Komi
about Yuko Nii and WAH Center click here:
 Recent News Articles

The WAH Salon is ending it's childhood at 12 years old, heading to Teenager
next year!
No wonder the artists are becoming matured!!

SO LET'S CELEBRATE the End of the Childhood on Feb. 13, 2011

We celebrate our successful Salon show with our  traditional events as

1) 4 pm - Poetry Reading by Steven David  - 2nd floor Main Gallery. During
the last several years Steven David has delighted us with his insightful
poetry readings about selected artworks from the exhibitions.

2) 7 pm - Pot Luck Buffet Dinner  with a Musical Entertainment - 1st floor
Reception Hall:
"A Star of the Evening" - Solo vocalist/guitar by Gabrielle. Gabrielle is a
wife of one of the Salon members, who is going to enchant us with her
beautiful voice and guitar in the evening. It will be a great memory for all
of us to take home!!

Important:  We welcome our guests who do not bring a dish, but we have to
ask of them a $15 donation.

Pot Luck Dinner Rules:
1) Please bring a dish of your choice that will be ample enough to feed 6 or
more people.
2) If you are not able to bring a dish there will be a donation of $15 per
3) We encourage everyone to invite their family members and friends. And the
public at large is welcome! There is a $15 donation for all guests who do
not bring a dish.

"A Star of the Evening" -Musical entertainment by Gabrille,  a Solo Vocalist
with guitar

"Gabrielle’s songs reflect her earthy ethereal voice and her individuality.
Her CD “WIDE” elicited comparisons to Peter Gabriel & Joni Mitchell drawing
comment for its deep emotional authenticity."
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