Re: [Milton-L] “The Gospel According to Milton Scholars”

Terrance Lindall tlindall at
Wed Feb 2 15:20:45 EST 2011

That's quite all right Jim. I am not trying to make you hopeful or persuade
you. It is simply an opportunity to do what I like, write about interesting
things. I am certainly not trying to get a grade from you. I think we would
both give each other F's.You know the saying, "If two people are calling
each other jerks, they are probably both right. I will just make sure that I
do not recommend anyone pursuing English or philosophy to attend Tiffin. How
many students are there at Tiffin...50?

I have nothing against you, but I have nothing against the mouse that tried
to eat my cheese either or any other creature of nature. I think you are an
interesting character. I certainly do not intend to defame you in any way.
Let bygones be bygones! I am glad you are around to bring color to the

You know we are all free to like or dislike each other or each others ideas.
We should not get all wrinkled up about it. You communicate with the people
you like and I will do the same. We share access to this list. So lets' be
gentlemen and scholars.

Why don't you do what Carol does...delete my emails when you see them on the
list. Then we will not get into a stew about anything.

Best Regards, Terrance

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 9:40 PM, James Rovira <jamesrovira at> wrote:

> Could be amusing, Terrance, but I fear you've already gotten so much
> wrong it will be a hopeless enterprise.
> I have already denied the possibility of proof about the nature of being.
> I have never claimed to be a Milton scholar.
> I wish that direct quotations would mean engagement with the ideas
> actually presented, but I'm not hopeful that this point, not even on
> the sentence level.
> Jim R
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