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Gotta read your book *The Tyranny of Heaven: Milton’s Rejection of God as

Thats' a provocative title!
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> "The Gospel According to Milton Scholars"?
> Love the title...wish I'd thought of it, actually.
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> Dear Professor Jim R. and others,
> I just want to let you know Jim that I actually appreciated our repartee.
> It was not a waste of time as I indicated before. Actually, since you are a
> scholar you deserve a bit more attention than I have given so far to your
> notions of  “perfection” and “contingency,” etc.
> I was also aware of ancillary discussions by noted scholar John Rumrich and
> others on God being eternal etc.
> So what I will do, rather than use this scattershot approach to the subject
> on the list, address it in an essay. I will probably call it something like
> “The Gospel According to Milton Scholars” or some such. It will be amusing
> but serious, wherein I will reason it all out, probably quoting you and
> others verbatim and then taking the propositions apart, pointing out
> erroneous assumptions, if any, in those propositions, and Non Sequiturs in
> your “proof,” if any, etc.
> I will post this essay among my documents on-line and you can pick it apart
> as you will, noting my bad grammar and mistakes in spelling (and you should
> do that since that is your expertise). Everything begins with premises and
> definitions and then we apply “rules of logic.”  We will see where it all
> leads.  It should be fun. It will not be too cynical, I assure you.
> The thing about these lists and blogs is that our thinking, good or bad, is
> open for scrutiny world-wide, maybe for eternity, and other scholars and our
> colleagues can access this. It is a frightening thought that one might say
> something stupid or silly. Careers are at stake in some cases. What is said
> might end up being the reason to appoint or not appoint. So, delicacy,
> courtesy and respect should be exercised. I suspect that I myself have been
> a sinner in this regard at times.
> Most of my own thinking is not original but derives from the great thinkers
> over the past 2500 plus years up through analytic philosophy. I have taken
> what I consider to be their good arguments and applied them in my own
> fashion.
> And no, I do not think that you called me silly…directly.
> Best Regards and Much Respect
> Mr. (Master) Lindall
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