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"The Gospel According to Milton Scholars"?

Love the title...wish I'd thought of it, actually.
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Dear Professor Jim R. and others,

I just want to let you know Jim that I actually appreciated our repartee. It was not a waste of time as I indicated before. Actually, since you are a scholar you deserve a bit more attention than I have given so far to your notions of  “perfection” and “contingency,” etc.

I was also aware of ancillary discussions by noted scholar John Rumrich and others on God being eternal etc.

So what I will do, rather than use this scattershot approach to the subject on the list, address it in an essay. I will probably call it something like “The Gospel According to Milton Scholars” or some such. It will be amusing but serious, wherein I will reason it all out, probably quoting you and others verbatim and then taking the propositions apart, pointing out erroneous assumptions, if any, in those propositions, and Non Sequiturs in your “proof,” if any, etc.

I will post this essay among my documents on-line and you can pick it apart as you will, noting my bad grammar and mistakes in spelling (and you should do that since that is your expertise). Everything begins with premises and definitions and then we apply “rules of logic.”  We will see where it all leads.  It should be fun. It will not be too cynical, I assure you.

The thing about these lists and blogs is that our thinking, good or bad, is open for scrutiny world-wide, maybe for eternity, and other scholars and our colleagues can access this. It is a frightening thought that one might say something stupid or silly. Careers are at stake in some cases. What is said might end up being the reason to appoint or not appoint. So, delicacy, courtesy and respect should be exercised. I suspect that I myself have been a sinner in this regard at times.

Most of my own thinking is not original but derives from the great thinkers over the past 2500 plus years up through analytic philosophy. I have taken what I consider to be their good arguments and applied them in my own fashion.

And no, I do not think that you called me silly…directly.

Best Regards and Much Respect

Mr. (Master) Lindall

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