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A long link to a NY Times review of John M. Barry, /Roger 
Williams and the Creation of the American Soul. /The review 
observes that the story of this titanic figure takes place more 
in England than in the colonies. Apparently Barry gives much 
attention to the religio-politico background of 17th century 
England, and consequently such notables and Edward Coke figure 
prominently.  So does John Milton.  Williams was a slightly older 
and longer lived contemporary of Milton (1603-1683) and 
befriended him during a sojourn in England.  Sarah Vowell notes 
this, I believe, in /The Wordy Shipmates/.  I can't quote her 
exactly, as I gave away my copy, but I think he is the one she 
mentions as having traded tutoring in Latin for tutoring in Dutch.

The reviewer, Joyce Chaplin, seems to give the book mixed marks 
but nevertheless feels that it is a worthwhile though incomplete 
account.  Chaplin, it is noted, is also editor of the 
just-published /Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography: A //Norton 
Critical Edition.

/Nancy Charlton/
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