[Milton-L] Jules Laure's 'The Blind Milton Dictating PL to his Daughters'

Miklos Peti peti_miklos at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 5 08:22:00 EST 2011

Dear All,
Together with Gábor Ittzés I am editing a volume entitled "Milton Through the Centuries" in which one of the papers makes reference to Jules Laure's "The Blind Milton Dictating Paradise Lost to his Daughters" (1849); see:
 As we put the volume into print we would like to reproduce the image, and while the owner (Lisieux Museum) has given us permission to do this, they could not provide a good quality copy. I wonder whether you have come across any albums in which the image is reproduced -- so far I have not been able to find a book from which I could make a good quality scan. Alternatively, if any of you have a HQ (at least 300 dpi) digital copy of the image, and would be willing to share it with us to help our project, we would be most grateful.
Thansk and all the best,
Miklós Péti

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