[Milton-L] Writer's Almanac - slight correction

Gilliatt, Cynthia Ann - gilliaca gilliaca at jmu.edu
Wed Apr 27 16:11:18 EDT 2011

That's Flanders and Swann - and "Have Some Madiera M'Dear" is a lively and funny example of the creative use of, if I'm remember my Latin, the rhetorical deivce of zeugma: "...he put out his cigar, the cat, and the lights..." [this is from memory and may therefore not be quite on the ball.]

How I wish Flanders and Swann were still with us for the upcoming Royal Wedding!  And wouldn't "The Goon Show" [radio ancestor of the next two], "Beyond the Fringe" and "Monty Python" have a ball?

I can sing [not at all well, but with enthusiasm] from memory most of "Tis the Same, the whole world over," and recite several doggeral poems that I was made to memorize as a school child. Has anyone studied the relative memorability [if that's a word] of doggeral vs. great poetry?

In a world of bleak news, nice to have a good giggle. Thanks for posting this!


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