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Qadir ghadir2005 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 14:16:53 EDT 2011

I was reading the passage where Satan meets Sin and Death. Something
occurred to me which you also might find interesting.
Somewhere (book II, l. 662 ) in Milton's description of Sin and her "cry of
Hell-hounds," the night-hag comes up, which we know to be Hecate. Here
follows a quotation from *Dictionary of Gods, Goddesses, Devils,
Demons *published
by Routledge: "From Palestine, the cult of Lilith spread to Greece where she
merged with Hekate." Which is part of the entry on Lilith.
Now, given that Hekate is accompanied by dogs (though they are not as
malicious as Sin's hell-hounds,) the whole thing seems interesting. I mean
both Sin and her hell-hounds are likened to Hecate and her dogs.
I don't know whether this is something new or common knowledge. In any case,
no harm in sharing.

Qadir - Tehran
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