[Milton-L] The TeaM: Angels (ch. 2)

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Wed Apr 20 01:29:53 EDT 2011

[…] E già non debbe
Il Signor de’ signori e ’l Re de’ regi
In solitaria reggia e ’n voto regno
Regnar quasi solingo; e ’l basso mondo
Empier d’abitatori, onde s’accresca
De l’imperio terren l’orgoglio e ’l fasto.

_____Torquato Tasso, Il Mondo Creato 4.707-712

[…] And He must not
– He, Lord of lords and King of kings –
In a lonely palace and empty kingdom
Reign solitary; and the lower world
Fill with inhabitants, so that the pride
And pomp of the earthly empire grows.

An unusual point of view, turning St. Anselm’s (as well as Milton’s)
theological pattern upside down. Instead of showing the creation of
the inhabited Earth as a compensation in the number of the blissful
beings after the devils’ fall, Tasso starts from the already densely
populated condition of the Earth, and he concludes that it would be
absurd to think that heaven is not full of angels, even fuller.

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