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Very interesting indeed -- the shift from plural to singular -- and again,
in a sense, a restoration, at least from the Anglican perspective. In the
1549 BCP, responses are in the singular. "O Lord open thou my lips: And my
mouthe shall shewe forth they prayse." (In this case, the source, also in
the singular, is Ps. 51: 15.) In the 1552 BCP, however, the singular has
become plural: "our lips"; "our mouths." So it remained in subsequent
editions. Intruiguing, then, that the Catholic Missal is now moving in the
opposite direction, seemingly away from corporate worship toward personal


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> As a Catholic, I know this has been something our liturgical council is
> going round and round about. People are resistant to change, no matter what
> the change appears to be.
> As a scholar, much as Jeffrey said, I find the changes in the Nicene Creed
> to be some of the most interesting. Not just the vocabulary change but also
> the fact that "We believe in..." is changing to "I believe in...". I find
> this interesting as it appears to represent a large shift in how the members
> of the church are supposed to relate to the church.
> Given that these changes are supposed to be a return liturgically, while I
> imagine Milton would have enjoyed the syntactical debate, I doubt he would
> have been in favor of the Church returning to it's more old fashioned roots.
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