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miriammansur at terra.com.br miriammansur at terra.com.br
Wed Apr 6 17:44:41 EDT 2011

 Dear List Members,
 I would like to share some fear that we Brazilians are having about
IMS10. To get the financial support for the event, we have to start
the process now, and, after the disaster in Japan, we are doubtful of
our going. Unfortunately, Japan has suffered a lot and the recovering
of such a disgrace takes time to occur. Besides, there is the risk of
radiation, and of course, we are afraid of the exposure to it. I would
like to know how you are feeling about going to Japan this year. The
IMS10 is an opportunity of learning and meeting all of you, which we
cannot miss. However, we have to confess we are quite insecure. How
about you all, have you been suffering such kind of anxiety? Sorry, if
I am using the forum to discuss such a thing, but we feel that this
may be affecting us all.  
 I would appreciate if you could do with some help on this issue. 
 Special thanks,
 Miriam Mansur
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